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PT. Mitra Manunggal Selaras offers an installation service to ensure optimum performance from Maspen™ Insulated Panel Systems.
All connection components (angles, etc) above the base walls and partition are steel with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm (engineering consideration may require thicker components)
Aluminium trims such as radius cove extrusions may be used as covers over steel structural connections. Steel or stainless steel fixings are to be used.

Wall and ceiling panels are supported by the structural steel of the building.

Why should Maspen™ Panel?
• as already experienced in their field
• manufactured with high quality standards
• complete accessories for standard clean room
• supported by experts in this field
• prompt and timely
• after sales service very satisfactory

Building cost of Maspen™ Insulated Panel Systems may be about half of the conventional building cost. Slip Joint, our simple but effective interlocking panel system, provide fast assembly erection and shorter construction time. It ensures panel to joint strongly and tightly to each other, reduces sound pollution, footing size and also might eliminate support structure.